RecurDyn CoLink is a powerful, flexible, and efficient controls design and simulation tool. Control systems are designed graphically using block modeling. RecurDyn Professional and all of its toolkits can be coupled with RecurDyn CoLink, using RecurDyn Professional as a plant model for the control system.

RecurDyn CoLink has a large library of electronic controller components. It has a very simple and intuitive user interface to enable very rapid development of sophisticated control systems.RecurDyn CoLink is highly extensible. Control blocks can be customized using the C programming language. RecurDyn CoLink uses Ch, a C-language scripting engine, to allow scripts written in ANSI-compatible. C can be used directly in control blocks to customize their behavior. An external compiler is not required.

Control systems modeled using RecurDyn CoLink execute extremely efficiently. RecurDyn CoLink is tightly coupled with RecurDyn Professional at the formulation level. It is not co-simulated. Therefore, it executes for more efficiently than co-simulated control systems modeling software coupled with a third-party multibody dynamics code.



  •  Controls engineers can efficiently test control algorithms early in the design process with highly nonlinear dynamic models.
  • Mechanical systems may include control systems (whether electronic, hydraulic, etc.).
  • The mechanical engineer and the controls engineer can join their independent design models.
  • Controls engineers may struggle to develop robust controllers early in the design process because of the difficulty in constructing nonlinear dynamic models within controls software.
  • These difficulties can be avoided by simultaneously developing the mechanical model in RecurDyn and the control system in RecurDyn/CoLink.


  • All mechanical components and constraints are modeled with RecurDyn.
  • The control system can be modeled easily in CoLink.
  • Plant outputs are passed from RecurDyn to CoLink at a constant sampling rate.
  • Control outputs are passed from CoLink to RecurDyn at a constant sampling rate.

CoLink VS. co-simulation Method

Accuracy The accuracy of analysis result is high because of integrated analysis.  The accuracy of analysis result is low because of exchanging the data in the only sampling time.
Speed The analysis speed is very fast because CoLink uses the integrated solver. The analysis speed is slow because of  the communication between different softwares.
UI The Parametric Value defined by RecuDyn can be used in the CoLink model because of supporting the UI which is connected with RecurDyn. The interworking of data is impossible between softwares because the they are the different programs.


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